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After volunteering in Latin America, and witnessing the poverty stricken conditions, my family were trying to come up with ways to raise funds to assist. While we were there, we were amazed at the beautiful craftsmanship in the products that the local people were making.  An idea was formed, and Shared Treasures Boutique was established in September of 2013.

Shared Treasures Boutique is a Sole Propriertorship and is based out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  We operate through our on-line store and at local craft fairs and events.

Shared Treasures Boutique fully supports FAIR TRADE and in many cases we have obtained our product directly or indirectly from the artisan.  We have also purchased some of our products from retail outlets in developing countries and through FAIR TRADE organizations.  We donate a portion of all our sales to missions and organizations to assist the underprivilged.

Fair trade supports craftspeople in developing countries who are socially and economically marginalized. These producers lack economic opportunity and often face steep hurdles in finding markets and customers for their goods.

When working under Fair Trade the artisans are paid a fair price for their products and regulations are in place ensuring they are working in safe conditions and international  labour laws are being followed.  In turn communities and family life is improved and the underprivileged  (especially women) are empowered.

Recently, we have purchased items in South Africa on a FAIR TRADE basis and these products are now available on our website.  The African beadwork is spectacular and your purchase of these products assists women in rural Africa in supporting their families.

We take great pride in offering excellent customer service and a safe and secure shopping experience.  We also take great pride in the high quality of the products we offer.  

Under our "Helping Others", we have noted the name and address of organizations that you could send a donation (cheque) to directly, if you so choose.  We have also posted photos of some of our amazing experiences.

During your travels, if you have come across any organizations that could benefit from this site, please let me know and I will include them on my listing.

Thank you for your support!


Laura Livingstone